Haon Earth is the home of one’s personal carbon management.

Track, offset and get rewarded for forming sustainable habits. Collect sloths, compare your carbon reduction to your friends and participate in the voluntary carbon market.

It pays to be sustainable.

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Haon’s Plight

There lacks a true home of one’s personal carbon management. For those eager to participate in the voluntary carbon market. For those that want to take ownership of their personal carbon journey. For those that wish to offset more carbon intensive activities such as a plane journey.

Everybody and every organisation has residual carbon, beyond their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. The only way to tackle one’s residual carbon footprint is by altering behaviours. Too often carbon intensive options win both in purchase and decision making processes. We aim to change that. Through a unique approach of social mechanisms, data visualisation and even financial incentives.

Haon is to be that “go to” place for one’s personal carbon management.

The Solution: Haon Earth

Haon Earth is the sustainable lifestyle platform that rewards sustainable living and forms planet friendly habits.

With Haon Earth, you can offset the carbon impact of your purchases and activities, compare your carbon offset with friends, trade carbon credits in the form of collectible sloths, and even get cash back on eco-friendly purchases. It’s a fun and engaging way to make a real difference. Let’s gamify sustainability.

Haon is the home of one’s personal carbon management and empowering you to live a sustainable lifestyle and form habits that benefit both you and the planet.

Now is the time to start your journey to a more sustainable future.

How it works

Simply fire up the app, log a carbon intensive activity and pay to offset the action! Upon this, you will receive carbon credits, in the form of a collectible sloth in your “forest.” It is up to you to either collect carbon or buy and sell sloths in the marketplace.

We are aiming to make our platform the largest voluntary carbon market on the planet.

Furthermore, compare offset and tracked carbon reduction with your friends and benefit from our cash back incentive system to further aid the formation of sustainable habits.

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Sustainability: Gamified

Sign up. Offset. Start collecting sloths and saving our planet, whilst being rewarded for doing so!



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