Haon’s Mission:

To be the “go to” place for one’s personal carbon management.

Our mission is to build a platform that onboards millions into personal carbon management and to reward and form planet friendly habits. With the ability to generate, buy and sell carbon credits, along side a gamified UX, we believe we can create the world’s largest and most impactful voluntary carbon market.

Haon is to shape individual’s habits and nudge them towards a more sustainable lifestyle, through social and financial incentives. Our cash back system will reward ethical purchases whilst our offset function will allow users to hedge against their environmental impact.

Carbon credits can be collected or traded in the form of “collectible” sloths that as you buy, are housed in your “forest” where you can either keep recruiting these carbon companions or move them on to other carbon collectors.

Users will be onboarded into carbon management technology and through SocialFi elements, find sustainable competition with friends, battling to be the best Eco Warrior!

Everyone has residual carbon. The way to eat into this, is to target behaviours. Haon’s pioneering “live sustainably to earn” aims to nudge millions to carbon management and to combat price and habitual sustainability stumbling blocks.

Our primary mission: To form more sustainable citizens.

With a defined platform to track, compare and manage one’s carbon footprint, we aim to generate more sustainable habits and behaviours and incentivise planet friendly choices. Reduce the residual and generate more sustainable citizens.


Haon knows its mission can’t be delivered by individuals and is committed to bringing the best, most proactive and forwarded thinking minds together to give each other and our collective the power to make change possible.

If you are an organisation looking to support green enterprise, a B Corp or any company with a carbon conscience, please do get in touch and discuss how we can work, collectively, for the good of our planet.


Current action is not enough and what planet Earth needs is new ideas, new initiatives and new innovations to deliver more significant change, faster and indeed to aid countries’ on their lofty climate goals.

For us, our community is crucial. Through our Discord, we will provide a platform to ideate, prioritise and activate exciting new projects and companies that drive our planet forward in a positive direction. Collaboration is the key to positive progress and change.

We are true believers in the power of technology to solve complex problems.

Social Mechanisms

Everything we do is laser focussed on saving planet Earth. From initial functionalities such as carbon offsetting, to data visualisation, leaderboards, eco friendly cash back and our voluntary carbon market, we are determined to build the ultimate sustainable lifestyle platform that forms more planet friendly people.