Terms & conditions

Welcome to Haon Earth. We are a collection of NFTs running on the Ethereum network. We have a big vision and are desperate to build something incredible for our planet and our token holders. However, big picture vision aside, it is important that we run you through some boring but important details. Firstly, our users are completely responsible for the protection of their private Ethereum wallets. Put time and effort into making sure that no meanies can get their hands on your precious digital fortune! In addition to this, as Haon smart contracts run on the Ethereum network, there is no method to undo any transactions. So make sure you definitely want a Haon before minting one as owning a Haon collectible that you don’t love will make your sloth rather sad. Thus, by using this website you are accepting sole responsibility for any and all transactions involving Haon Earth Ltd.

At Haon we are dedicated to pushing further content beyond NFT 001_ and reaching our mission to create and invest in planet changing businesses and organisations. However, it is important to remember that NFTs and DAOs are technologies and concepts that are very much still in their infancy. When purchasing a Haon, you agree that all you are guaranteed to receive is your digital collectible in exchange for your funds. Whether through minting a Haon or purchasing on a secondary marketplace, all you receive is your art. We do however give you our word that through the sloth fund, we will work to build an incredible community driven by real purpose. It is also important to understand that Sloths are Non-Fungible Tokens for you to collect and use to identify like-minded individuals, if they are chosen to be displayed as avatars on one’s social media profiles and so on. They are not meant as investment vehicles. We make no promises or claims or guarantees that these NFTs will be worth anything. They are by no means a financial product. As with anything, the future value of your purchase could very well be zero. It is important that you understand that NFTs have no inherent fiscal value and should be treated as a collectible item, albeit digital.


Therefore, you will own your own Haon on the Ethereum blockchain. When you purchase a Haon NFT, you completely own your art. Ownership of the digital collectible is dictated by the Smart Contract and the Ethereum Network. We are not permitted to take, suspend ownership or modify the ownership of any Haon NFT or Token. Once the sloth army has come to life, they are not going anywhere and their battle to improve our planet will be firmly underway! The 10,000 sloths are immortal on the Ethereum blockchain, and who knows maybe one day we will be too…

Subject to continued compliance with these Terms, Haon Earth Ltd is open to token holders deploying their NFT commercially. However we need holders to realise that they have the ability to use just their NFT image, or images, and nothing else. This includes; other NFTs that you do not own, our brand images and assets and so on. You have permission to use the art you own in its entirety and that is all. The individual files, accessories and traits are property and are our own creation. Haon and the sloth army are very precious to us and we do not want to see new NFTs that are derivatives of our project, changing the original Haon collectible characters, or minting another full project using our Haon art in any way. Other than that, you can create whatever merchandise you would like up to £100,000 and should you approach that number or expect to go beyond it please reach out to the team and we’ll chat about creative licensing and sort a deal, in so keeping your work in line with Haon Earth and our vision and roadmap. Regarding merchandising, Haon NFT owners should not use Haon Earth assets in any way when associated with; unlawful activities, fraudulent activities, content of a defamatory nature, pornographic material, abusive or hateful media or any other unreasonable material. If failing to comply with this and using Haon property as a vehicle of such unlawful and unreasonable behaviour, you will defend Haon Earth Ltd against any claims, damages, proceedings, loss or costs arising from improper use. Token holders shall not use the Haon Earth Licensed Materials in any way that could be construed as being adverse or derogatory to the image of Haon Earth or any of its subjects featured in the NFTs. Finally, Haon Earth is not intended for children. By purchasing a Haon Earth digital collectible, you agree that you are over the age of 18. We sincerely hope you enjoy being part of Haon Earth. Join us, let’s make the blockchain space, and indeed our planet, a better place.

Our Missions

Haon Earth will run exciting missions to help drive significant change in support of our troubled planet. Within these missions we will continue to set lofty targets, for example Haon’s first mission is the target of planting 10 million trees using the proceeds from the NFT minting process and other donations obtained along the way. Naturally, these targets can only be fulfilled should enough proceeds be generated, and numerical objectives are further subject to fluctuations in the price of Ethereum, and for that reason Haon Earth sets a limit of 75% as the maximum value of proceeds raised that it will contribute to these environmental objectives, the sole reason for this is to allow us to keep activating new missions and to be able to support our growing community.